Next Session: May 27th, 2017
15 Adr street, 5015

CoexisDance is an interdisciplinary improv performance, all art forms are welcome but mostly we have dancers and musicians. A strong background in improvisation is expected from the performers.

CoexisDance Switzerland is an extension of the original CoexisDance created in Toronto, Canada by Colin Anthony in 2005. In Switzerland it was founded in February 2015 in Luzern and it's curated by Emilio Guim. Currently it takes place in Z├╝rich.

Join us as audience or performer and helps us building a stronger artist community.

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How to participate

Every month an invitation goes out to our mailing list. (JOIN OUR MAILING LIST). Interested performers will be teamed in different ensembles for the evening. Approximately 10 days before the session, the group configurations will be published (email, facebook, website). After that, no more submissions for that session are needed.

The formed groups are free to contact each other and prepare something beforehand but a strong element of improvisation is essential for the session.

The performances from each group should be of a MAXIMUM length of 10 minutes. Some performers may appear in more than one group in the evening depending on the amount of people involved.
If you are new to CoexisDance, please tell us in your introductory email about your background, experience with improv and formation. Links to audio or video recordings are welcome as well.

Participating in CoexisDance is free. At the moment CoexisDance runs independently and can't offer transportation or artist fees for participants. The collected money from the audience is used for paying the rent for the space.


Look forward to hearing from you:
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